The signal conditioning unit OMC-182B-2 is a multi purpose instrument for combining serial and analogue sensor signals into one serial signal RS422 and/or RS232. Further the unit is provided with several analogue outputs.

The unit is provided with two barometric pressure sensors to comply with the CAP437 / 746 requirements. The output will be flagged in case the barometric pressure readings differ >0.5 mbar

The OMC-182B-2 is often used in combination with the OMC-DOL-HMS software program especially for Helideck Monitoring Systems (HMS).

•Compliant with CAP-437 / 746
•Free programmable inputs
•16 Bit conversion
•4 digital inputs
•Power supply for most of the sensors
•RS232 / 422 in– and output
•2 analogue 4..20 mA outputs