The OMC-045-III GPRS data logger is a low power, high-end data logger with built-in GPRS modem and GPS receiver.

The logger has internal temperature and humidity sensors and has slots for a 2GB SD card and for a SIM card. It provides seamless interfacing to all meteorological and hydrological sensor from Observator Instruments and many more. It supports RS232/422/48, ModBus, NMEA and so on. Thresholds can be set on all parameters. If a parameter exceeds its threshold, an alarm is generated. Data is transferred by FTP or email over GPRS, or by an external satellite or radio modem. Like all other OMC-04x loggers, the 045-III can be configured using the free OMC-Programmer software and a USB cable.

Several housing options are available, including a housing with a touch screen display and/or rechargeable batteries and various connectors.

•Four (4) serial RS-232 sensors
•One RS-422/RS-485 signal
•One Modbus (RS485) port
•Four analogue, 4-20 mA inputs, 12 bits
•One analogue, 0-10 Volt input, 12 bits
•One digital input
•One potentiometer input, 12 bits
•One pulse counter (For example, for a tipping bucket rain meter)
•Two relay outputs
•Four switched power outputs to power connected sensors
•Internal temperature and humidity sensor to monitor the environmental conditions of the electronics
•Internal GPS
•Internal GPRS/GSM modem
•Supports FTP, email, SMS and USB 2.0
•Programmable thresholds on all parameters