The BioSense sensor was developed to provide on-line and real-time indications of biofilm activity in cooling towers, hospital water systems, pools, and spas, in fact anywhere biofilm cover grows. The probe is designed and operated so that micro-organisms in the environment will settle on probe surfaces before they settle on vessel walls or piping. This gives an early warning of potentially dangerous biological activity in the process. By closely tracking biofilm activity on the probe, the BioSense can take remedial action such as increasing the dosing of a biocide or dispersant. The BioSense biofilm controller can also be used to assess the effectiveness of a treatment, or to schedule maintenance activities. By monitoring biofilm activity on surfaces, costly over-treatment can be avoided and chemical treatments can be optimized.


The controller applies a potential between the probe electrodes that encourages micro-organisms to settle or adhere or grow on the surface of the probe before they would settle on the surfaces of a pipe or a vessel. The biological activity of the biofilm creates a signal. A BioSense controller collects and monitors that signal continually. An increasing trend in the signal indicates the onset of biofilm activity on the probe.

The controller can then take remedial action automatically by, for example, increasing or decreasing the biocide levels. The CRONOS® BioSense is a simple controller capable of automatically changing dosing regimes etc. With the more sophisticated CRIUS® controller providing data logging, remote access and control via GSM.